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Re: [Qemu-devel] Hardware Security Dongle

From: Natalia Portillo
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Hardware Security Dongle
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 07:11:51 +0100


As seen on:

you need to pass it -usbdevice host:<vendor>:<pid>

You can get Vendor and ProductID using lsusb (part of usbutils packages)
in Linux or in hardware manager in Windows (properties of the device,
advanced, hardware identification, it will appear as VID and PID part of
a big sentence).

Please note this is somewhat experimental (lot more in Windows) and the
That is, no driver is using it (remove the module in Linux, uninstall
the driver in Windows, are the better ways), or there will be a lot of
changes that your host hangs badly.

If you get it to work, notice us, and put the OS in the Official OS
Support List at http://www.claunia.com/qemu/ thanks.

Natalia Portillo

El vie, 24-08-2007 a las 01:02 -0400, address@hidden escribió:
> This may have been asked in another thread but I have not seen it in the
> archives.
> I have this OS that I would like to run inside qemu.  The OS requires a
> hardware security dongle before it will boot.  I am not real familiar with
> these devices but apparently they house some kind of encryption/decryption
> program required to init the kernel.
> The dongle is a usb one made by a company called rainbow.  The model
> appears to be superpro.  Can anyone tell me what config I need to pass to
> qemu to get it to "find" this dongle?  Whenever I try to boot the install
> CD it says "hardware portal not found" and refuses to go into the install
> program.  BTW I know that message is from the OS not qemu cause it says
> the same thing if I try to boot the OS w/o the security portal in a
> nonvirtual setup.

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