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Re: [Qemu-devel] SMP Question

From: Jonathan Phenix
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] SMP Question
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 12:03:32 -0500
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maple Chou wrote:
Dear All,
I just doing my floppy toy-os project(include little bootloader). And test with qemu.
The Floppy Image is here  http://file.maple.tw/mapleos/floppy.img

My problem is when I turn on the SMP option. (qemu -fda floppy.img -smp 2)
The system will hang on bootsector (i just watch qemu monitor hang on 0x7eca)

And some problem with Grub+floppy image.
Grub+HD image boot successful, but can't capture the keyboard.

What's problem!?? i only run SMP case successful with linux kernel.
For your project, qemu should be considered a _tool_. Like all tools, you must know it's usefulness (it's easier to debug your OS on an emulator) but you must be very well aware that all emulators are accurate only up to a certain point of the actual system emulated. This is not to mention that qemu is not yet complete (latest official release is 0.8.2), there are known bugs and unimplemented features that could always be the source of the problem. Finally, even if qemu is able to boot many common SMP enabled OSes, it's not a guarantee that everything is perfect related to SMP in qemu.

If you believe that your code is correct and this is a bug in qemu, which is always possible, try with different PC emulators to see if there is a difference. The best thing to do is to actually test on a real SMP system, real hardware have a final say on what should work and what doesn't.

Finally, developing an OS is not a small task, perhaps you should focus on single processor systems first which are a lot easier to design and debug for and then focus on SMP systems later on.


- Jonathan

Best Regards


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