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[Qemu-devel] linux-test-0.5.1.tar.gz seems outdated

From: Geert Stappers
Subject: [Qemu-devel] linux-test-0.5.1.tar.gz seems outdated
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 20:37:05 +0200
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Hello QEMU world,

The subject line said allready that linux-test-0.5.1.tar.gz is outdated.

But as this being my first post to this list,
I can't rush in and say there needs something changed at your side,
so below a IRC log that provides the details.
(at the end of the message more text)

19:00 < stappers> hi, the FAQ reports: Debian has a qemu-0.7.0 package in
                  unstable, which works. Ubuntu also has a working 0.7.0
                  package. 0.7.0 and all future versions _should_ work.
19:01 < stappers> are any succes reported on qemu 0.8.1 on Debian?
19:01 < blight_> i dont see any reason why it shouldnt work on debian
19:02 < allix> linux is linux
19:02 < stappers> mmm, seems I help with it.
                  mmm, seems I need help with it.
19:04 < stappers> the error message I get is:
19:04 < stappers> SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
19:04 < stappers> eth0: unknown interface: No such device
19:04 < stappers> I do see tap0 created on the host system
19:05 < dignome> look in /etc/qemu-ifup
19:06 < stappers> AFAICS is /etc/qemu-ifup doing it's job
19:06 < dignome> ifconfig shows an eth0 interface?
19:06 < stappers> AFAICS is /etc/qemu-ifup, on the host, doing it's job
19:07 < stappers> ifconfig shows only lo
19:07 < dignome> perhaps i meant ifconfig -a ;p
19:08 < stappers> the image used is from the QEMU homepage
19:08 < stappers> ifconfig -a reveals  dummy0
19:10 < dignome> hm.  how is the host connected?
19:14 < dignome> stappers: people usually either bridge tap0 to an ethernet
                 interface or set up some iptable rules and enable forwarding.
19:14 < stappers> dignome: host is a headless PIII, with a `ssh -X
                  headlesshost` connection, i.o.w.: a X-terminal
19:14 < dignome> stappers: i mean how is it connected on the network
19:15 < stappers> I call the connection "vlan0 on TUN/TAP"
19:16 < stappers> but there is not yet a connection, there isn't even a
                  network device in the guestVM
19:17 < stappers> my commandline is ` qemu linux.img -net nic -net tap`
19:19 < dignome> ok.  the question is how are you connecting to a headless
                 machine if it doesn't have any network interfaces other than
19:21 < stappers> the headless machine is the host that is running qemu, I can
                  ssh to it, qemu runs the linux image (but no eth0)
19:22 < dignome> ... how do you even ssh into it?  what is that connection
                 going over!
19:22 < pbrook> You mean no eth0 inside the guest?
19:22 < stappers> yes, no eth0 inside the guest
19:23 < pbrook> You need to load the guest ne2k pci (ak rtl8029) drivers.
19:23 < stappers> mmm
19:26 < stappers> the guest image doesn't contain 'modprobe', the dir
                  /lib/modules/ is empty
19:27 < dignome> hm.  i can see how things went off... should have asked about
                 ifconfig -a specifying to run it on the *host* ;p
19:31 < pbrook> stappers: Sounds like you need to unbreak your gues OS install.
19:31 < stappers> the host has lo, eth0, sit0 and tap0
19:32 < stappers> "unbreak" as in "rebuild"?
19:32 < stappers> the guest OS image I use is from the QEMU homepage
19:33 < pbrook> Oh. That doesn't have the right ethernet drivers on it.
19:33 < stappers> :-)
19:33 < stappers> :-/
19:33 < stappers> so
                  is obsolete
19:34 < stappers> and http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/download.html needs
                  an update
19:34 < pbrook> Yes
19:34 < pbrook> Feel free to create a n updated image and sent it to fabrice.
19:42 < stappers> pbrook: are you sure about
19:42 < stappers> < pbrook> Oh. That doesn't have the right ethernet drivers
                  on it.
19:43 < pbrook> Fairly sure. It only has the isa ne2k drivers.
19:43 < stappers> the kernel config has CONFIG_NE2000 and qemu monitor reports
                  ne2000 at `info network`
19:44 < pbrook> See above.
19:44 < pbrook> ne != ne2k_pci
19:44 < stappers> mmm

While editing, I wondered which "hardware" is in the Debian version of Qemu.


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