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Re: [Qemu-devel] VMware Player

From: Joe Lee
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] VMware Player
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 00:31:45 -0400
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Rick Vernam wrote:
QEMU leaves me with very few 'itches to be scratched' ...

The basic tasks that a QUI should confine itself to, IMO, are already pretty darn easy - define/manage a VM (via a shell script for me), start it, stop it, pause it...etc..

Even so, I've been thinking about this for some time - months probably...
What I'd develop, if I were to undertake such a task, is a very simple app that can start qemu according to some configuration, and simply hook into the monitor to issue such commands as sendkey, stop, cont ...etc ...

I do not imagine a need to have this app embed the qemu VM in itself, only start it & hook into the monitor. Besides, I don't want to loose precious real estate - I like the window that a running VM is in just how it is - no changes. I've used VMWare in the past a lot. I found the toolbars & menus to be nothing more than clutter & annoyance. The majority of the work I do with a VM has everything to do with the VM, and nothing to do with things that can be done with an additional GUI, however it would be nice to have one for simplifying those extra tasks...

Specifically, I imagine something sitting in my Sys. Tray. This Sys. Tray icon menu thing would have options to invoke qemu's monitor commands for easy access ...or a list of all VMs, each with a sub-menu (I'm thinking stop, cont, loadvm, savevm, commit, usb stuff, change device x). Also, I can use the Sys. Tray Icon to bring up it's window with all the niceties to create a new VM, manage existing VMs...etc.

Right now, I have a shell script that has the 'configuration' of my VM - changing of that 'configuration' would need to go in the GUI.

I also use the monitor thing for stop, cont, loadvm, startvm, commit, usb stuff & change device x - that would need to go in the GUI.

Beyond that, what does more bling really bring to the table?

On Thursday 15 June 2006 16:03, Joe Lee wrote:
Johannes Schindelin wrote:

On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Joe Lee wrote:
BTW, I am curious to know how much would it cost to develop a good
GUI-Frontend for QEMU that would be comparable to VMware. How much man
hours would this likely take?
I do not know VMware. Anybody? I would be interested, too, to know how
complicated that frontend is... Should not be too difficult to reproduce
it in Tcl/Tk (with a proper Tcl script as config format).

I am hoping some experience developers would comment on this!

Qemu-devel mailing list

I glad to see many people sharing comments and making suggestions since this thread topic started. I seems there enough interest to have a GUI-Frontend for QEMU. I am hopeful this can lead to getting something started.

I'd like to see a poll from people who would be willing to participate and contribute to getting something started.


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