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[Qemu-devel] es1370 gone with win2003 sp1

From: Juergen Pfennig
Subject: [Qemu-devel] es1370 gone with win2003 sp1
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 17:24:07 +0100
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could somebody, before I am going to write some documentation about QEMU, please
answer some of my qestions?

Question 1 (win2003sp1 sound):
Is there any evidence to believe that MS did not remove the support for es1370 
with win2003 sp1? For the initial non-sp1 win2003 installation a working sound 
was found - but I cannot say where win2003 fetched it from (Automatic update?). 
As with 
SP1 I don't have any sound any more.

Question 2 (archaic drivers):
I understand that it is easier to emulate old (well known) hardware, but 
ne2000, cirrus vga
and es1370 are archaic and MS will eventually no longer support them. Is the 
develloper community aware of that problem?

Question 3 (multiple cd-roms):
How to work with multiple cdroms? Visual Studio installation want to start with 
disk #2 and
then asks for disk #1. Linux or the virtual win2003 seem to keep the data 
cashed? Linux
eject /dev/cdrom works but does not invalidate the cashed data. Qemu monitor 
eject cdrom
says nothing. Qemu monitor 

    change cdrom /dev/cdrom

causes a crash (memory protection). What next? Is it a bug or am I stupid? Is 
there a 
suggested procedure to get more debug info? I will try gdb but ...

Probably it's better not to answer my questions - if somebody dares to give 
anwers more
questions will follow.
Yours J├╝rgen

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