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Re: [Qemu-devel] Qemu sandbox for teaching

From: Tom Sandholm
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Qemu sandbox for teaching
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 09:22:23 -0400
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Using a fairly large server, (i.e. xeon dual with 4Gb ram & 120GB disk), and installing...
1.  Qemu
2.  vde (virtual distributed ethernet)
3.  tun/tap device drivers (usually kernel module).
I've been able to create 8 conncurrent qemu instances with reasonable performance. I recompiled qemu, without sdl, as to get qemu able to run in batch, without the need of a console window. I haven't been able to get qemu to run in batch using any of the redirected console options (like pty, or -nographic option). I created a script that starts the vde (tun/tap), used as a tunnel from my home network, to the virtual network that all the qemu instances connect to. Then I run a qemu startup script that starts the qemu instance, with assigned disk image, assigned mac address (remember you'll need differenct Mac's for each instance), and places it in background. I then installed Debian "sarge" on a "master qemu instance", and also install bootcdwrite tools to "image" the newly installed Unix "base". (of course you'll also want to install ssh services). Then I "imaged" the live system onto a cdrom image. I can then just boot the cdrom image, to start-up a qemu-instance, and use the bootcdwrite command to write the cdrom image to virtual hard disk. Of course you could just run the qemu-instance fromthe live-run-cdrom ISO, and just nfs mount a home directory for any form of "perm" storage (of course you'd NFS mount from the host-os. You may also use the virtual floppy image to hold qemu-instance specifics, such as hostname, ipaddress, etc. See the Debian doc's on bootcdwrite for details. I expect that you may be able to install apache on the host machine, and use java-webstart to invoke some form of ssh-client, that users would use to ssh into their assigned qemu-instance engine.

Best of luck
Tom Sandholm

Jerome Warnier wrote:

Does someone here have an idea on how to do the following using Qemu,
but I'm open to other suggestions:

I would like to provide a UNIX CLI sandbox for users to poke around in a
UNIX course. It would be better if available from the web (preferably
without having to install anything on the users' PC), and Free (as in
free speach).
The problem is that I need to give them root access, or at least a
It would be even better if we could for instance install RedHat in it,
but it's not really required.


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