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Re: [Qemu-devel] OS/2 PPC booting making some progress

From: Tero Kaarlela
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] OS/2 PPC booting making some progress
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 16:49:57 +0300
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J. Mayer wrote:

2. on debug 2. What is this unaffected IO port 838 it tries to read & write ?

This port is not documented in the PREP specification. You should check
in the Linux kernel to see if this port seems important. Or you may take
a look to Motorola PowerStack documentation: those boards are well
documented and OS/2 is supposed to know how to boot on it.

Hmmm I found following info from OS/2 stanza files(files describing hardware to bootloader:


       dev_class       = IDE
       adap_name       = "IDE Disk Controller"
       setting         = "io:ide_int_reg:838"  <=
       setting         = "io:ide_ctrl:3f6-3f7"
       setting         = "io:ide_cmd:1f0-1f7"
       setting         = "irq:ide_irq:d"
       setting         = "arb:ide_arb:6"
       setting         = "intrtn:ide_rtn:0"

So port 0838 is ide_int_reg

and from ppc_info.stz:

       name            = "IBM Delmar / South Wind PowerPC Platform"
       pci_config_space        = 0x80800000
       bus             = isa:4
       bus             = pci:4
       built_in        = planar_kbd
       built_in        = planar_mouse
       built_in        = planar_floppy
       built_in        = ppc_planar_parallel
       built_in        = COM1
       built_in        = COM2
       built_in        = CMOS_type1
       built_in        = planar_ide_0
       built_in        = planar_ide_1

So my guess is that OS/2 ppc reads machine configuration from these files instead of residual data.

  3. Might that unsupported ioport prevent booting?

Can be possible...
Have to check the code that uses that I/O port...


Hmmm... i succeeded to make it go further with following options:

  boot-device ide_cdrom2
  boot-fs cdrom
then it works and loads boot.cfg from cd-image
shows all lines from boot.cfg (and I have option to uncomment/change all these)
loads kernel & device drivers into memory(as defined in boot.cfg)
but after boot.cfg has been completely read and real boot should start it gives me invalid/unsupported opcodes again.


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