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Re: [patch] on-quit-v0.21 with resume/suspend/power-off dialog Re: [patc

From: Struan Bartlett
Subject: Re: [patch] on-quit-v0.21 with resume/suspend/power-off dialog Re: [patch] Re: [Qemu-devel] Suggestion - trap window-close of VM
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 00:25:41 +0200
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You're welcome Ryan. Glad you like it.

As to your other option, it is already the case that the APM bios sends the shutdown command to Qemu by out'ing bytes to a special port, so I imagine it would be possible for Qemu to send commands to the APM bios in a similar fashion. But, can the APM bios instruct Windows 2000 to shut down? I do not know.

Ryan Rempel wrote:

This looks great -- thanks!
I suppose one other option that would be kind of neat is if closing
Qemu could somehow signal the Windows 2000 guest to shut down. Someone
had suggested that earlier in the thread, but it sounded like that
would require ACPI support in Qemu? Or is it something that could be
generated through APM? Since Qemu is (in effect) the hardware, I guess
the question is whether it's possible for the hardware to tell Windows
2000 to shut down?

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