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[Qemu-devel] FreeDos problems with Qemu 0.70

From: jeebs
Subject: [Qemu-devel] FreeDos problems with Qemu 0.70
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 13:35:23 -0500

In a previous mesasge last weekend


where I listed a number of problems with v0.70 (Windows build), some things
that did work right, and some suggestions, I'm going to have to retract the
part where I said freedos seems to work okay, including the mouse.

The mouse driver is still locking things up.  And once it locked up qemu
enough that it didn't want to shut itself down.  I had to tell WinXP to
forcibly shut it down.

And speaking of FreeDOS, somebody in the qemu-user forums is reporting a
problem with write protecting a floppy.  Looks like the write failure isn't
being properly passed to the guest.


Looks like it's not OS specific, but you'll have to ask him for more 

Also, since then, I have installed and very briefly tested:

1) Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (with DOS 6.22)  Seems to work, but after I
exited qemu, my mouse wasn't moving at the right speed.  Looks like qemu
changed it's speed while it was captured and then didn't put it back right.

(I had reported a more extreme problem a few weeks back, but since then I
had reinstalled XP and was no longer using the latest logitech mouse driver.
So I dismissed it as a problem with a dirty XP or the mouse driver.  But
it's shown up again (in a more limited form) with a clean XP and xp's own
mouse driver.)

2) IBM PC-DOS 2000 installs okay and seems to work.  No error messages.

3) While trying some older versions of DOS & Win, I had to deal with disks 
that were 360, 720k, 1.2m, and of course 1.44m.  Qemu didn't seem to like 
dealing with the 360k and 720k disks.  It wouldn't format them either. 
Looks like qemu is hardwired for just 1.2m and 1.44m writing?

Obviously not a very productive week in testing the Window's version of

Additionally, the qemu docs need to be updated about:

1) how to do raw cd access under windows.

2) the new download link for the windows builds at freeoszoo.

And, of course, any new features, disk formats, and OS specific stuff....

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