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Re: [Qemu-devel] 2 Questions

From: Mike Kronenberg
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] 2 Questions
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 07:56:23 +0200
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René Korthaus wrote:
I really appreciate your work... where QemuX is now, I have to admit, that's what my abilities end....
I like and use QemuX alot, since it uses qemu with sdl, which has still *alot of features which are not yet supportet in cocoa (sound and keyboard for different countrys comes to my mind).
In cocoaqemu, the commandline is still working - so it can be controlled/started by an app like QemuX - i think that is atm the easyer way, having multiple qemus working at the same time.
So keep up the good work!
(expect some GUI work) ... so I would really like to see your work on my mac, but Tiger does not like it... When starting it disappears fastly from Dock... I used
Thanks for the note! It seams I did not remove all the static links, and I admit, I did not test it under another user. An update is in the making.
latest cocoaqemu build
from your website... that's what the Console says:
May  2 23:31:36 rene-korthaus-ibook crashdump[610]: cocoaqemu crashed
May  2 23:31:37 rene-korthaus-ibook crashdump[610]: crash report written to: /Users/cordney/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/cocoaqemu.crash.log
ZeroLink: could not load .o file: /Users/mike/cocoaqemu/build/cocoaqemu.build/cocoaqemu.build/Objects-normal/ppc/main.ob
ZeroLink: could not load .o file: /Users/mike/cocoaqemu/build/cocoaqemu.build/cocoaqemu.build/Objects-normal/ppc/qemuController.ob

Crash log is attached.

Greetings, cordney*

Greetings Mike

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