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[Qemu-devel] Re: qemu for Solaris 10 / networking question

From: Martin Bochnig
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: qemu for Solaris 10 / networking question
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 16:44:51 +0200
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Bernd Schemmer wrote:


and installed it on Solaris 10 x86 - works very well except the network
From the comments on
I'm not sure if network emulation is already included in that build.

Is it? And if yes, how can I use it?
on Solaris x86 2.8/2.9/2.10 based hosts, networking is functional now
(many thanks to Juergen Keil !).

Please wait just a few days: An updated QEMU package for Solaris hosts (x86 and SPARC [many thanks to Ph.D. student Dipl.Math Johannes Schindelin!]) is almost ready to be released as
"CSWqemu" on www.blastwave.org .

However - on SPARC hosts neworking won't work right now.

Best regards,
Martin Bochnig

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