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Re: [Qemu-devel] AMD64 Gentoo needs help

From: Martin Garton
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] AMD64 Gentoo needs help
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 21:21:09 +0100 (BST)

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, jmf wrote:

> I treid that and before the segfault below happen, now a black window
> appears and dissappears very quickly

I believe the problem is that qemu is not 64bit clean code because it does 
things like casting from pointers to ints and back which is okay when they 
are the same size (ie, on x86) but not when a pointer is twice as long as 
an int (ie, on amd64) You will have seen warnings about this when 

I looked at the code with a view to making it amd64 friendly, but I'm out 
of my depth.  If someone wants to give me some hints I might find some 
time to have another look though.


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