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[Qemu-devel] SLIRP on Mac OS X broken in CVS

From: David E . Still
Subject: [Qemu-devel] SLIRP on Mac OS X broken in CVS
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:53:00 -0700

The last few times that I've fetched the latest CVS source, slirp support has failed to compile in on my G3 iBook running Mac OS X 10.3.5. I can compile successfully if I add --disable-slirp to the configure command-line, though. The CVS snapshot that I have from 7-21-2004 compiles with slirp just fine, though.

After some digging, it looks like the error was introduced on 8/25/04 with the port redirection code. CVS from 8/24 midnight compiles (technically 8/address@hidden), but code from 8/25 midnight (8/address@hidden) errors out. Here are the error messages that I'm getting from current cvs:

<x-tad-smaller>In file included from /Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c:57:
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/slirp/libslirp.h:26: warning: parameter has incomplete type
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c: In function `init_timers':
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c:943: warning: label `use_itimer' defined but not used
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c: In function `net_slirp_redir':
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c:1411: error: storage size of `guest_addr' isn't known
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c:1448: error: type of formal parameter 3 is incomplete
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c:1411: warning: unused variable `guest_addr'
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c: At top level:
/Users/stealthdave/Source/qemu/qemu-cvs-20040913/vl.c:871: warning: `start_rtc_timer' defined but not used
make[1]: *** [vl.o] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 1

Any help in getting OS X compilation working again would be greatly appreciated. :)

- Dave
David E. Still
TripleCat Productions
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