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[Qemu-devel] 0.60 Solaris 9 problems.

From: Simon H
Subject: [Qemu-devel] 0.60 Solaris 9 problems.
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 05:29:06 -0700 (PDT)


First, I'm not a developer so sorry for posting to a
devel list, but when I went to:

I got: "Not Found"

I have been subscribed to that list for a while, but
nobody has posted and since I can't view the archive I
thought it might be dead.


I had problems with Solaris 9 with the -pci option,
which were cured by:
so I have a stock 0.60 + the above patch.

I managed to then install Solaris 9.0 but for some
reason on certain long operations like:
find / -name <blah>
I get a mostly black emulator screen, usually with
some part of the desktop panel still visible.  I have
to stop the emulator at that stage.  I have used the
detected defaults for all devices, pressing f2 most of
the way through the install.  There was some wierdness
with partitioning the disk, I had to quit out of the
installer, run fdisk, and then re-run the installer.
I've also not had much luck with admintool or the
recommended admin console program, but then since I've
never installed Solaris 9 before that could just be
Solaris wierdness, (ie off-topic).

If anyone on the list is using Sol9 I'd like to know
what configuration options you are using, including
disk size, how you fake 'changing' of the CDs on
install, and the general order of events.

I don't think there's any equivalent of 'eject' that I
can see.  What I'd like to do is unmount a CD and
switch images for the cdrom drive, then remount, but I
*think* qemu keeps the old image file open.  If that's
the case, then how are people dealing with disk

thanks for any help,


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