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Re: [Qemu-devel] Feature request: integrated smb server?

From: Laurent Amon
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Feature request: integrated smb server?
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 10:50:35 +0200
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Selon "David E. Still" <address@hidden>:

> My "need" is for the guest OS to be able to read/write files in a
> folder on the host OS.  FTP can do it, but smb would be "easier" in the
> sense that the guest would see it as just another mounted disk.

With OS X as host and Win98 as guest, I just recompiled qemu with the slirp
patch posted a few days ago, and was able to use SMB to mount a share served by
SAMBA on my host using user-et (so no tun/tap needed). There are a couple
caveats, though:
1 is that Win98 will always serve the same username and the samba "usernames"
directive in the standart samba with 10.3.5 doesn't seem to work (I have had to
use "username map".
2 is that you *need* network connectivity and a defined DNS (so you can't use it
with a "no-network" OSX network location -- empty resolv.conf file). I'll have a
look into it somewhen if it is not above my rusty capabilities since it is a
need of mine.

On an unrelated subject (the development schedule one) it might be a good idea
to have at least an idea of what the consensus on the list is for needed
features. Maybe put that on the Wiki or somewhere.

As I want to use it as a poor man's VirtualPC (on OSX), and in the meanwhile
waiting for Darwine to integrate it I would vote for :
- Implementation of MMX/Altivec
- Everything that can bring more performance, especially on OSX (easiest thing
would be to upgrade my TiBook/400 :-)
- Better keyboard support, especially of a 104-key keyboard. Reg. support of the
keyboard on OSX is awful. I got it it to work better(patch is on the list), but
it is not perfect yet. It would need a new keyboard definition for Win98, but I
don't have anything to do it.
- Faster drawing code (SDL needs to be patched or dispensed from altogether).
Fabrice suggested a while back that we write an API with primitives that could
directly map from an emulated card capabilities to the host primitives.
- Support of live device cdroms on OSX. It's halfway there. The device can be
mounted but is not recognized as a data CDROM but rather as audio (the image
from the cdrom is, however).
- Support of USB devices.

I recognize that I have no say over the development except for what I do myself,
but most of it is beyond my capacities. This is just my personal wish list. I'd
like to see

This might well be better on the qemu-user list, but it does not work. I haven't
tried lately, but I am subscribed but have yet to receive anything from it and
the test I send a while back bounced.

Thanks for listening to be, and I would also add that it is not my feeling that
this list is hostile to newbies (or people who used to develop but haven't
written a line of code in years and still think they are entitled :-)



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