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[Qemu-devel] FreeBSD != *BSD

From: David Howland
Subject: [Qemu-devel] FreeBSD != *BSD
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 15:34:06 -0400
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from the 0.6.0 changelog:
  " - *BSD port (Markus Niemisto)"

it should be noted that FreeBSD support is not the same as *BSD support. 0.6.0 doesnt compile on NetBSD, not even close. I havn't tried it, but I doubt OpenBSD will work either, since it is alot more like NetBSD than FreeBSD.

I've been working on getting it to compile, and I made some progress, but I've hit a roadblock with bswap.h. It just won't compile, no matter what. I've used gcc version 2.95 and 3.3, no luck.

NetBSD has no byteswap.h, so qemu's bswap.h does the defines, but I always get the error:
In file included from dyngen.c:205:
bswap.h:46: error: parse error before '(' token
bswap.h:48: error: parse error before "__uint16_t"
bswap.h:51: error: parse error before '(' token
bswap.h:53: error: parse error before "__uint32_t"
bswap.h:57: warning: static declaration for `bswap64' follows non-static
gmake: *** [dyngen] Error 1

Any help would be appreciated.

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