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Re: [Qemu-devel] Qemu on Mandrake 10

From: Darrin Ritter
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Qemu on Mandrake 10
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 19:13:41 -0400
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Well I have managed to get Qemu to compile on my system and it is running with some stability but for documention sake heres what I had to do to achieve it on MKD 10:

had to use the SDL rpms from the SDL website


i had to install the static devel rpms for glibc and X.org xfree86 (mandrake club ones)

and I configured with ../configure --prefix=/usr --enable-slirp

then make

and make install

the binaries off the web site worked in part but gave all sorts of problems with anything other than text mode OSes, but I´d like to report that everything is working well now.

thanks Qemu devel guys for all the work you have put into makeing a first rate emulator

cheers DarR!N

Darrin Ritter wrote:


I just want to report my success on running qemu more for your info thn anything, I like your project and am looking forward to see it develop over time as I have watched other projects, whilst not a programmer I am quiet capable in getting programs to run and am interested in testing your program.

I just downloaded the qemu binaries 0.6.0 off of the qemu web site and have been able to get the linux.img test to work also I have been able to get dos to work, but when I install win98 i get the install to go right through to the end but when it reboots I get the qemu program exiting with Illegal operations or a segmentation fault error. I have succesfully converted the vmware disk into a raw disk and I get the same thing, when I boot into the comand prompt then the emulator works but when I try to run ¨win¨ from the comand prompt then the emulator crashes. I have also tried to use the Mandrake move 9.2 Live CD and when that goes into the graphical mod the it also crashes.

I am using mandrake 10 with SDL version 1.2.7, and X.org Xwindows



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