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[Qemu-devel] network fails on windows

From: Matthias Jung
Subject: [Qemu-devel] network fails on windows
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 17:07:40 +0200
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i have found a bug: for long I was not able to use the network part of qemu, I 
tried almost everything to get a guest Windows LAN access, nothing worked. 
Neither tun nor user-net was working, no matter how hard i tried, and only 
Windows seemed to have this problem, linux guests always performed fine.
-isa didnt help either.
I was just on the verge of giving up until i tried one last thing:
I switched the mac address parameter. Til then I had used the mac  
a3:b2:23:54:7e:cf which is a valid mac and windows did detect the interface 
without flaws, but no network access was possible.
With 00:ff:7f:fc:36:d2 it suddenly worked, I only can imagine a bug in the 
ne2000 windows driver, or in windows (95,98,2000 tested) itself, not allowing 
such a mac. 
I had no mac collision at any time!

happy that its finally working,

Matthias Jung

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