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Re: Emu as logo (was Re: [Qemu-devel] Icon proposal: a carnival mask)

From: John R. Hogerhuis
Subject: Re: Emu as logo (was Re: [Qemu-devel] Icon proposal: a carnival mask)
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 13:17:31 -0700

OK, so I relinquish credit to Martin for thinking up Q-Emu first :-)
Hey, maybe we could call the mascot Q. I'm so uncreative sometimes it
hurts ;-)

I agree that it would still be OK to use an emu... particularly if the
logo were stylized in a way that evokes QEMU over something for CPC (is
that an Amstrad? Sounds familiar) 

Some unique aspects of QEMU are:

1. Fast
2. Free (this CPC emulator is "freeware" not Free Software or Public
Domain even)
3. Portable/retargetable
4. Runs with no install/root privileges

I'm not sure how those translate into a logo. I suggest some racing
goggles for the emu. Maybe a number like you get when you run a race.
Also, you could show the bird in stride running.

Fast seems like a concept that can be readily captured in a logo. I
don't know how you can indicate the other aspects but there are
certainly more creative folks than myself around.

Sounds like you're an artist... certainly don't give up because there
are other logos floating around. I don't think anything has been decided

-- John.

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