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Re: [Qemu-devel] Problems installing Windows XP

From: Joe Menola
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Problems installing Windows XP
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 11:09:02 -0500
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On Sun July 4 2004 5:12 am, Jan Dittmer wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm experiencing difficulies install Windows XP (German, w/ SP1) in QEMU.
> The install process works fine up to the second reboot, when the
> "Windows XP is starting..." screen appears, ie. when the actual
> installer is finished.
> Then the mouse cursor appears in the middle of the screen, changing to
> the hour-glass and back and after 1-2 minutes the vm is suddenly
> rebooting without any notice. This is repeatable. Using 'safe mode' on
> startup ends in the same result.
> I've tested this with qemu 0.5.4 from debian testing and the cvs
> snapshot from 2004-06-28.
> I use the following command line:
>   $QEMU -hda xp.img -cdrom winxp.iso -boot d -m 256
> I also tried adding the -pci switch, but with no change. Though I only
> tried it after having this problems. Would it make any difference if I
> tried to install xp with this option on?
> So, how can I debug this, or is there a known problem with XP. Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.

Can't offer any advice on debugging, but I can tell you that I've just had a 
successful install of XP. And all appears to be "walking" just fine. :)

I installed on a fat32 fs, overwriting an existing W98 install with the 

$qemu -fda /dev/fd0 -hda /mymnt/qemu/qdrive.img  -cdrom /dev/cdrom1 -boot d -m 
256 -enable-audio -user-net -pci

so perhaps the -pci option on install will help.

> Thanks,
> Jan

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