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[PATCH for-8.0] ide: Fix manual in-flight count for TRIM BH

From: Hanna Czenczek
Subject: [PATCH for-8.0] ide: Fix manual in-flight count for TRIM BH
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2023 12:44:30 +0100

Commit 7e5cdb345f77d76cb4877fe6230c4e17a7d0d0ca ("ide: Increment BB
in-flight counter for TRIM BH") fixed a problem when cancelling trims:
ide_cancel_dma_sync() drains the BB to stop a potentially ongoing
request, and then asserts that no request is active anymore.  When
trying to cancel a trim, this would only drain a single
blk_aio_pdiscard() operation, but not necessarily the trim as a whole.
Said commit fixed that by counting the whole trim as an operation,
incrementing the in-flight counter for it, so the blk_drain() in
ide_cancel_dma_sync() would wait for it.

Fiona found a problem with this, specifically that draining a BB while
an IDE trim operation is going on can produce a deadlock: An ongoing
blk_aio_pdiscard() will be settled, but any further discard in the same
trim will go into the BB's queued_request list and wait there until the
drain stops.  Meanwhile, the whole trim keeps the BB's in_flight_counter
incremented, so the BB will never be considered drained, and qemu hangs.

Therefore, we cannot keep the in-flight counter incremented throughout
the trim operation.  We should still increment it before the completion
BH (ide_trim_bh_cb()) is scheduled and decrement it there, so that the
blk_drain() in ide_cancel_dma_sync() can await completion of this
scheduled BH.  With that change, however, it can take multiple
iterations of blk_drain() to really settle the whole trim operation, and
so ide_cancel_dma_sync() must run it in a loop.

Reported-by: Fiona Ebner <f.ebner@proxmox.com>
Fixes: 7e5cdb345f77d76cb4877fe6230c4e17a7d0d0ca
       ("ide: Increment BB in-flight counter for TRIM BH")
Signed-off-by: Hanna Czenczek <hreitz@redhat.com>
Tested with a small test boot sector that issues a trim operation with
any number of discards from 0 to 64.  Before this patch, doing so hangs
starting from 2 discards; and before 7e5cdb345f, doing so crashes qemu
with any number of discards.  With this patch, it always works.
 hw/ide/core.c | 23 +++++++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hw/ide/core.c b/hw/ide/core.c
index 2d034731cf..54c51084d2 100644
--- a/hw/ide/core.c
+++ b/hw/ide/core.c
@@ -444,7 +444,7 @@ static void ide_trim_bh_cb(void *opaque)
     iocb->bh = NULL;
-    /* Paired with an increment in ide_issue_trim() */
+    /* Paired with an increment in ide_issue_trim_cb() */
@@ -504,6 +504,14 @@ static void ide_issue_trim_cb(void *opaque, int ret)
     iocb->aiocb = NULL;
     if (iocb->bh) {
+        /*
+         * Paired with a decrement in ide_trim_bh_cb(): Ensure we have
+         * an in-flight count while this TrimAIOCB object lives.
+         * There is no ongoing blk_aio_pdiscard() operation anymore,
+         * so here we increment the counter manually before returning.
+         */
+        blk_inc_in_flight(s->blk);
@@ -515,9 +523,6 @@ BlockAIOCB *ide_issue_trim(
     IDEState *s = opaque;
     TrimAIOCB *iocb;
-    /* Paired with a decrement in ide_trim_bh_cb() */
-    blk_inc_in_flight(s->blk);
     iocb = blk_aio_get(&trim_aiocb_info, s->blk, cb, cb_opaque);
     iocb->s = s;
     iocb->bh = qemu_bh_new(ide_trim_bh_cb, iocb);
@@ -737,11 +742,17 @@ void ide_cancel_dma_sync(IDEState *s)
      * In the future we'll be able to safely cancel the I/O if the
      * whole DMA operation will be submitted to disk with a single
      * aio operation with preadv/pwritev.
+     *
+     * Note that TRIM operations call blk_aio_pdiscard() multiple
+     * times (and finally increment s->blk's in-flight counter while
+     * ide_trim_bh_cb() is scheduled), so we have to loop blk_drain()
+     * until the whole operation is done.
     if (s->bus->dma->aiocb) {
-        blk_drain(s->blk);
-        assert(s->bus->dma->aiocb == NULL);
+        while (s->bus->dma->aiocb) {
+            blk_drain(s->blk);
+        }

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