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[Qemu-block] COMPARE_AND_WRITE support for rbd driver

From: Yaowei Bai
Subject: [Qemu-block] COMPARE_AND_WRITE support for rbd driver
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:36:23 +0800
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Subject: COMPARE_AND_WRITE support for rbd driver
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Hey guys,

I noticed that COMPARE_AND_WRITE had been supported by CEPH/librbd since
v12.1.1. And in my company, we use this COMPARE_AND_WRITE support in
CEPH with the ISCSI protocol. More precisely, we use tgt and CEPH with this
COMPARE_AND_WRITE support as the SCSI target and export it to the remote
hosts. And then VMs on remote hosts can use these SCSI targets through ISCSI
initiator support in QEMU directly or as local SCSI disks. But unfortunately,
there're some issues with this tgt case. So i think maybe we could also add this
COMPARE_AND_WRITE support into the rbd driver in QEMU so we can leave the
ISCSI/tgt alone and use this COMPARE_AND_WRITE support with the
scsi-disk <--> virtio-scsi <--> rbd driver path. This can also apply to
the WRITESAME support in CEPH/librbd.

So is it suitable for doing this? I want to hear suggestions from you
genius guys. Appreciate it.

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