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[Qemu-block] bitmaps branch rebase

From: John Snow
Subject: [Qemu-block] bitmaps branch rebase
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2019 17:45:23 -0400
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FYI: I rebased jsnow/bitmaps on top of kwolf/block-next, itself based on
top of v4.1.0-rc4.

I'll post this along with the eventual pull request, but here's the
diffstat against the published patches:

011/33:[0003] [FC] 'block/backup: upgrade copy_bitmap to BdrvDirtyBitmap'
016/33:[----] [-C] 'iotests: Add virtio-scsi device helper'
017/33:[0002] [FC] 'iotests: add test 257 for bitmap-mode backups'
030/33:[0001] [FC] 'block/backup: teach TOP to never copy unallocated
032/33:[0018] [FC] 'iotests/257: test traditional sync modes'

11: A new hbitmap call was added upstream, changed to
16: Context-only (self.has_quit is new context in 040)
17: Removed 'auto' to follow upstream trends in iotest fashion
30: Remove ret = -ECANCELED as agreed on-list;
    Context changes for dirty_end patches
32: Fix capitalization in test, as mentioned on list.

I think the changes are actually fairly minimal and translate fairly
directly; let's review the rebase on-list in response to the PULL mails
when I send them.


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