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Re: [Qemu-block] [PATCH v3 2/4] qemu-img: fix --image-opts usage with dd

From: Daniel P. Berrange
Subject: Re: [Qemu-block] [PATCH v3 2/4] qemu-img: fix --image-opts usage with dd command
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 11:31:39 +0000
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On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 11:46:06AM +0100, Kevin Wolf wrote:
> Am 20.02.2017 um 16:19 hat Daniel P. Berrange geschrieben:
> > The --image-opts flag can only be used to affect the parsing
> > of the source image. The target image has to be specified in
> > the traditional style regardless, since it needs to be passed
> > to the bdrv_create() API which does not support the new style
> > opts.
> > 
> > Reviewed-by: Max Reitz <address@hidden>
> > Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrange <address@hidden>
> Hm. This means that...
> 1. --image-opts never worked for 'qemu-img dd'
> 2. If we ever change bdrv_create() to be more flexible, with this patch
>    we'd be stuck with an inconsistent "filename for target, options for
>    source" interface because we can't change the semantics any more.
> Should we just remove --image-opts from qemu-img dd instead until we can
> provide the real thing?

We're already in that situation wrt bdrv_create() for other commands, so
we need a separate flag to request use of image opts for the target
image. So I don't think we want to special case dd in this respect.

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