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Re: softmmu 'at' instruction support

From: Janne Karhunen
Subject: Re: softmmu 'at' instruction support
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 16:25:24 +0200

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 1:53 PM Janne Karhunen <janne.karhunen@gmail.com> wrote:

> > If you want to walk through what QEMU does and why it
> > returns the fault indication, you can run QEMU under
> > a debugger and put a breakpoint at ats_write64().
> > That will do the page table walk (in get_phys_addr())
> > and you can see where and why we decide that it should
> > report a fault to the PAR_EL1.
> Thanks, I'll do this and post the results here. I've been walking
> around the 'get_phys_addr_lpae' a million times but not via 'at'.

Here we go. The debugger attached to the kernel says:
(gdb) info all-registers TTBR1_EL1
TTBR1_EL1      0x41731001          1098059777

That table is populated by the kernel and looks like this when I print it:
Table 0x41731000
000:0x000000ffff9803 256:0x000000fffff803 507:0x00000041fbc803

Note that the first gigabyte is populated. Then we move to the qemu:
Thread 4 "qemu-system-aar" hit Breakpoint 1, ats_write64
(env=0x80ec001fb8, ri=0x7ffff5b802d0, value=93825004025122) at
11610     ttbr = regime_ttbr(env, mmu_idx, param.select);
(gdb) n
11616     if (param.epd) {
(gdb) p/x ttbr
$1 = 0x41730000

So it starts looking from the wrong table (off by one page) ... ?


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