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softmmu 'at' instruction support

From: Janne Karhunen
Subject: softmmu 'at' instruction support
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 11:09:21 +0200


This looks like a bug to me, please comment if I'm wrong:

0x0000000100004a3c <at_s12e1r+8>: 80 78 0c d5 at s12e1r, x0
0x0000000100004a40 <at_s12e1r+12>: 01 74 38 d5 mrs x1, par_el1

(gdb) info registers x0 x1
x0             0x0                 0
x1             0x809               2057

So that would be translation fault level 0, stage 1 if I'm not mistaken.

(gdb) info all-registers TCR_EL1 VTCR_EL2 TTBR1_EL1
TCR_EL1        0x400035b5503510    18014629184681232
VTCR_EL2       0x623590            6436240
TTBR1_EL1      0x304000041731001   217298683118686209

(gdb) p print_table(0x41731000)
000:0x000000ffff9803 256:0x000000fffff803 507:0x00000041fbc803

First gigabyte is populated, yet the 'at' knows nothing about it. Did
I miss something?


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