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Re: [Qemu-arm] [PATCH v17 01/10] hw/arm/virt: Add RAS platform version f

From: gengdongjiu
Subject: Re: [Qemu-arm] [PATCH v17 01/10] hw/arm/virt: Add RAS platform version for migration
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019 21:29:46 +0800
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On 2019/6/25 21:16, Igor Mammedov wrote:
>>> In light of the race for leaner QEMU and faster startup times,
>>> it might be better to make RAS optional and make user explicitly
>>> enable it using a machine option.  
>> I will add a machine option to make RAS optional, do you think we should 
>> enable or disable it by default? I think it is better if we enable it by 
>> default.
> I'd start with disabled by default as it's easy to make it
> enabled by default later and we can't do so other way around.

>>>>  }
>>>> diff --git a/include/hw/arm/virt.h b/include/hw/arm/virt

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