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[Qemu-arm] qemu-system-arm with GPU support for QT with OpenGL on

From: Andy Ng
Subject: [Qemu-arm] qemu-system-arm with GPU support for QT with OpenGL on
Date: Sat, 4 May 2019 16:57:16 +0100

Hello List!

I try make a cortex-A9  with a QT 5.6 application that needs OpenGL to
run on qemu-system-arm. The real system is a IMX6 SOLO SOC with a
cortex-A9. I have tried and built different versions of qemu and have
activated virtio-gpu, virglrenderer. The Qt application needs to work
with DRM and GPU, on the system I am using etnaviv. Just for the
information the kernel version I am using is 4.9.x

I have tried to create Cortex-A9 images based on vexpress, however
qemu will complain about the PCI. I have tried to use -M virt, but
this one brings up cortex-A15, compatibility issue.

I had QT apps running on qemu-system-arm in the past but no need for

I have searched on-line for some but could't find some that
combination of working parameters.

Any ideas what would it be the best way forward to make it run on
Qemu?   Do you know what is the best -M type that I have to use.
realview-pbx-a9 ? I do not want to recompile the code in different
architecture of CPU model.

Maybe there is a different approach to do all that, qemu-user?

Thank you.

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