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Re: qemacs font rendering

From: Charlie Gordon
Subject: Re: qemacs font rendering
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 22:49:01 +0100

Hello Ted,

FBF files we originally used for direct bitmap rendering on systems that lack a 
high level graphics API.
Current targets either use the terminal or the system graphics rendering for 
fonts (X-Windows, MS-windows, Haiku…
The text version does not use fonts at all (qe -nw).

FBF files are still used for rendering HTML pages as PNG files with the 
html2png utility.

Regarding font sizes larger than 16, this is a bug, all font sizes should be 
available to xqe on X-Windows.
Sizes larger than 15 seem to dysfunction for the fixed pitch system font. If 
you first set the font-face to “times”, larger font sizes can be selected and 
I shall investigate how to fix this for the default system font.

Thank you for the feed-back.


> On 19 Dec 2022, at 01:37, Ted X <txiong37@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My qemacs (xqe in a separate xterm window) can't handle font sizes over 14. 
> It would just show a blank screen and only see a big cursor block if I set 
> the fixed font to anything above 14. 
> ex:
> set-style -> default -> font-size -> 16.
> Can someone point out any direction on how qemacs font rendering works? Does 
> it use the fbf files under fonts directory, or does it use X11 system fonts? 
> I feel like normal text mode does use those fbf files.
> Thank you,
> Ted

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