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Re: [Qemacs-devel] [PATCH] C89

From: François Revol
Subject: Re: [Qemacs-devel] [PATCH] C89
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 13:37:42 +0200
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On 28/03/2017 13:16, François Revol wrote:
On 28/03/2017 12:29, François Revol wrote:
Anyway, I'll just switch the recipe to gcc5.

But now I need to fix the gcc5 warnings in the Haiku code :D

For some reason GCC5 doesn't like qe_free() when used with a pointer-to-void in C++ code:

In file included from haiku.cpp:24:0:
haiku.cpp: In function 'void haiku_close(QEditScreen*)':
qe.h:100:41: error: 'void*' is not a pointer-to-object type
#define qe_free(pp) do { typeof(**(pp)) **__ = (pp); (free)(*__); *__ = NULL; } while (0)

Obviously it tries to create an object of type void. I'm surprised it actually works in the C code...


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