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[Qemacs-devel] am i found a bug ? and some questions too...

From: Oleg Frolov
Subject: [Qemacs-devel] am i found a bug ? and some questions too...
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:25:42 +0200


I'm looking for a simple, but powerfull unicode (utf-8) text editor for linux, 
and currently trying qemacs. I built version 0.3.1 from gentoo portage. I run 
"qemacs" to launch application, pressed C-h b and got an empty help window. Any 
key pressed after that leads to "Segmentation fault". But if I invoke help with 
F1, then C-h b works as expected.

Also I can't find two things in doc's:
1. How do I exit an appication, using keyboard
2. How to activate something like 'unicode-text' editing mode -> I need to edit 
some *.html pages, containing cyrillic,
but when I do qemacs. index.html, it is invoked in html editing mode. When I 
try to switch to ASCII mode, it do not show me Unicode (cyrillic) characters 
(only ASCII is shown, I suppose :)

I found qemacs to be a very interesting application but these thing prevent me 
from using it for everyday needs. So I'm asking for help here.

Oleg Frolov 

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