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[Pyodbc-dev] python odbc status

From: Sam Clegg
Subject: [Pyodbc-dev] python odbc status
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:21:27 -0000
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Hello all,

I'm looking for a free ODBC python implementation for linux.  This
looks like the best offering, but I have couple of questions.

1 - Does this modules conform to either of the python DB-API specs?
    either 1.0 or 2.0?

    I can't seem to access things like cursor.rowcount which
    other DB interfaces provide.  In fact dir(cursor) return
    only the following attributes:

    ['close', 'commit', 'cursor', 'rollback', 'setautocommit']

2 - Is anyone actively maintaining this module?

3 - Do you (currently of plan to) track changes in the pythonwin
    module on which this is based?

4 - I'm interested in using this module in production
    environments which run debian.  Any reason why I shouldn't
    package this module for debian?  Is it fairly stable?


sam clegg
:: address@hidden :: :: PGP : D91EE369
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