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Re: [pyformex-dev] Merry Christmas

From: Benedict Verhegghe
Subject: Re: [pyformex-dev] Merry Christmas
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 10:18:23 +0100
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Hi Wenxuan,

Merry christmas to you too. And it sure is ok to send your greetings to
all people on the list here (which is done by this).
You will notice they are all really nice guys.

Report back if you keep having problems with the ssh connection. Then we
can ask the people at Savannah  to have a look what is going wrong.

Best wishes


Op 24-12-11 08:58, 周文选 schreef:
> Dear Bendict,
> The Christmas is coming and it is really nice talking with you.
> Wish you and your family Merry Christmas! Wish you nothing but happiness in 
> the coming new year!
> The experience of using Linux system is so exciting and I am kind of sucking 
> my time on it endlessly. How comes I did not use it earlier? 
> My SVN still cannot login with SSH, but don't worry about it. I just re-check 
> the config file and re-update the SSH key so wish it can work next time! 
> Currently I am working on reStructuredText online reference books, and 
> hopefully I can catch up quickly! 
> I don't know how to send and most importantly, whether it is appropriate to 
> send everyone my greetings through the mailing list so please convey my 
> sincere bless to everyone for me! 
> Bless,
> Wenxuan

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