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RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Plugins and classes

From: Julien Olivier
Subject: RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Plugins and classes
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:58:00 +0000

> All, this demonstrate that before coding we should document what to do. In 
> software development project, coding represent 20% of the time, not more. And 
> 40% is spent on documeting (requirements, specs, class definitions). The rest 
> is reserved for testing and packaging.

Of course you're right.

> So, what I would really suggest is spend some time on the PyAtCron 
> documentation first. I'm currentl working on documenting Cron and At daemon 
> to understand how they work and what could be the issues for our project. 
> Someone should document the class definitions (name, fields, methods) and 
> what they are expected to do. This would avoid questions like Brain has.
> If nobody wants to take over this job, then I'll do it ;-)

I think you're the best for that. At least, you seem better than me for
that sort of tasks. I replied to Brian in an email about the plugin
architecture. Maybe you could use my answer to write a better
documentation ?

Julien Olivier <address@hidden>

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