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Re: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Cron file definition

From: Julien Olivier
Subject: Re: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Cron file definition
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 09:57:13 +0000

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 09:10, NICOLOVICI Xavier wrote:
> Hi there,
> Reading Julien's remarks, I've found that he suggests to insert comments in
> crontab to identify pyatcron tasks. Why do we need comments? Defining a
> strong naming scheme will do the trick. Some explanation.
> Think about the foolwing crontab file:
> * * * * * pyatcron-ftp-download
> /my/home/dir/.
> * * * * * logrotate
> * * * * * pyatcron-archiver /dev/fd0 /folder/to/backup
> Do you think that we need any comments to identify pyatcron task and their
> parameters from normal tasks?
> Can we say that pyatcron tasks MUST be script starting with the "pyatcron-"
> string? More on that, we could imagine that pyatcron tasks start with
> "pyatcron-" and are run from /usr/share/pyatcron/ folder.
> I think that with all this stuff, we don't have to rely on any comment. On
> top of that, relying on comments makes our Crontab file non standard, and
> this is something that we really must avoid (think of a user using sometimes
> address@hidden and KCron, what will be the result? Does KCron keeps comments?)

Again, a very good idea. I totally agree. It's a smart and simple
solution to a complex problem IMO.

Julien Olivier <address@hidden>

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