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RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Cron backend: a correction

From: Julien Olivier
Subject: RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Cron backend: a correction
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 21:46:25 +0000

> The question marks were asking if you all wanted to add this feature,
> not whether or not I would use it.  I agree that the average user will
> never use it, and that most that do don't need a graphical tool.
> However, I don't agree that we should make our interface lacking in
> options.  If someone that comes to linux from a windows background may
> like using a graphical tool to set up there tasks.  When I came to
> linux, and didn't know any of the commands, I really liked the graphical
> tools, because I could actually use them.  
> I just think that we need to hide from the users things that they may
> not need, but not leave them out completely.

I have no problem with it. I just hope we can find a good UI to present
every single option available in the cron program. After all, if it's
hidden in an "advanced" tab, it's not that bad if it's a bit cluttered
and cryptic...

Julien Olivier <address@hidden>

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