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RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Task list in the main window

From: Julien Olivier
Subject: RE: [Pyatcron-devel-list] Task list in the main window
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:15:00 +0000

> I hadn't looked at the new program when I sent that last email.  I see
> what you are saying now.  I agree, I think that looks pretty good.  And
> with the strikethrough, that should eliminate people from making
> mistakes.  It is pretty obvious that something has been disabled.

OK, glad to see you like it. If Xavier likes it too, the UI for the main
window could be considered ready.

Or does it still lack anything ?

Now, from the UI point of view, we need 3 things:

 - an About dialog (shouldn't be too hard)
 - a properties page (a lot more complex)
 - an assistant to add tasks (should handle plugins)

Do I forget possible dialogs ?
Do you have any design ideas/mockups for those dialogs ?
Does anyone absolutely want to work on one precise dialog ? Or do you
want me to work on them ?
Do you have any artistic talent ? We might need a logo for the about

Some notes: GNOME has both an about dialog and an assistant dialog
built-in. Sadly, they aren't available to GTK-only apps. That's why to
create them from scratch.

PS: later we'll have to add an help dialog. But that's not a priority
for the moment, I think.

Julien Olivier <address@hidden>

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