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Re: [py-rrdtool-users] RE: py-rrdtool usage (Markus Törnqvist)

From: Markus Törnqvist
Subject: Re: [py-rrdtool-users] RE: py-rrdtool usage (Markus Törnqvist)
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 13:20:28 +0200
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On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 02:23:47PM -0500, Reuben Stump wrote:
>It wasn't so bad to make use of, it's much like Perl's bindings.  I've
>converted my old CGI from Perl to Python and have had 0 issues so far,
>though to be honest, I haven't been using more than RRD::Graph at this

Yes, well, I have practically no experience in Perl :)

>I thought I might pass on what I found in the past, it might get you

Thank you!

>Each option passed to the RRD commands must be placed a seperate parameter
>to RRD functions.  So you can't just create one long string and send it into
>the function.

Aaah, this is probably where I messed it up...

>import rrdtool
>       aDictionary ='/var/rrd/AnRRD.log')
>except rrdtool.error, err:
>       print "RRD error:", err
>Same for Graphing:
>       size = rrdtool.graph('demo.gif','--title="Demo Graph"',
>               'DEF:cel=demo.rrd:exhaust:AVERAGE',
>               'LINE2:cel#00a000:"D. Celsius"', 'LINE2:far#ff0000:"D.
>except rrdtool.error, err:
>       print "RRD Error:", err

So it essentially works like calling the shell rrdtool..?
Ok, Thanks!

I did some basic testing with os.system() but I think I'll rewrite those
parts :)

But considering how great a language Python is and how great RRDTool
is with graphing, I still believe that python-rrdtool deserves clearer
documentation and then publicity :)

Markus Törnqvist

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