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Re: pspp and rust...

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: pspp and rust...
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2020 10:59:37 +0100

One could put some effort into working around this but it is more the story how 
many dependencies we depend on in the end if we start from scratch. I guess 
everything would work with an earlier version of librsvg which could be build 
without rust but then it ends up in fiddling with the dependencies of the brew 

> Am 20.12.2020 um 09:31 schrieb John Darrington <>:
> Presumably librsvg can be cross compiled ?
> J'
> On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 09:04:18AM +0100, Friedrich Beckmann wrote:
>     I just asked a friend to compile pspp on the new Macbook with the A1 
> processor using homebrew. I turned out that „rust“ fails to compile and he 
> asked if we need rust to run pspp. The story is that we need some icons from 
> the adwaita-icon-theme. adwaita-icon-theme needs librsvg. librsvg needs rust. 
> So yes - to have pspp with the gui we need rust.
>     Fritz

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