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Re: pspp osx app bundles - would you distribute them?

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: Re: pspp osx app bundles - would you distribute them?
Date: Tue, 24 May 2016 07:38:14 +0200

Hi Jeremy,

thanks! By the way, I proposed some patch for gtk/gdk and noticed that they
care about compile and runtime checks for the different OS versions.
So there might be a chance that something compiled for 10.11 will also run on
10.10 and others. A failure could land in the gtk3 source upstream.

But I think this is rarely tested with the current macports setup as everything 
normally compiled / run on the same OS version. But my version compiled for 
10.11 did
not crash immediatly on 10.10.

Do you have all the OS Versions running in some virtual machines, or how do you
do this?


> Am 23.05.2016 um 22:46 schrieb Jeremy Lavergne <address@hidden>:
> Both MacPorts tickets have been merged/closed.
> I'm going to defer thinking about using `makeosxbundle` for later today.

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