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Possible bug in pc+-file-reader.c ??

From: John Darrington
Subject: Possible bug in pc+-file-reader.c ??
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 09:19:18 +0200
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I think the implementation of pcp_detect is buggy.
Amoungst others, valgrind is complaining about this code:

/* Returns true if FILE is an SPSS/PC+ system file,
   false otherwise. */
static int
pcp_detect (FILE *file)
  static const char signature[4] = "SPSS";
  char buf[sizeof signature];

  if (fseek (file, 0x104, SEEK_SET)
      || (fread (buf, sizeof buf, 1, file) != 1 && !feof (file)))
    return -errno;

  return !memcmp (buf, signature, sizeof buf);

There are several issues I see here:

If the "return -errno" path is taken, then the comment seems to be incorrect.
Assuming that errno is non-zero the return value is "true" which cannot be 
fread will return 0 meaning that the comparison 0 != 1 will 

Secondly, the POSIX specification for fseek says this:

 "The fseek() function allows the file-position indicator to be set beyond the 
  end of existing data in the file."

It seems that the code has assumed fseek will fail if the file is 
less than 0x104 bytes long.  So in my case (I have a short file)
fseek succeeds, fread fails (returns 0) .  Hence memcmp is getting
called when buf is uninitialized.

Is my analysis correct or have I missed something?


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