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error(?) in trimmed mean?

From: Olaf Nöhring
Subject: error(?) in trimmed mean?
Date: Thu, 09 May 2013 14:55:22 +0200
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maybe I found an error...:
Please excuse errors in the labels, I am using a german version of SPSS and PSPP. I attached an image of what I mean and the .sav file.

How to reproduce the "error":

        load mm.sav in spss (v21) and latest pspp

        choose cases -> by time / case
                choose case 1 to 100

        Analyse -> Descriptive Statistics -> Eplorative Data analysis
                Select "Nettomiete in EUR [nm]" as Dependent Variable
From the "Statistics" Button chose "Descriptive" (with confidence of 95% in SPSS) (In SPSS I chose only in the OUTPUT area at the bottom "Statistics" -> no graphics)

Please note in the output of both (see attached screenshot) that the trimmed mean is different!

I do not understand why. Is this an error?


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