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From: John Darrington
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 13:32:57 +0800
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I'm concerned about get_termcap_viewport currently in

1. It means that src/data/libdata.a contains part of a user interface
   implementation (and in this case makes it depend on libncurses
   which is silly).

2. Using the terminal's width and length is obviously appropriate for
   the terminal interface, but inappropriate for the  GUI where the
   dimensions of the output window are what matter.

3. In the case of the terminal interface, shouldn't there be something
   connecting to SIGWINCH, so that width and length will change
   accordingly when an xterm is resized? 

I suggest that settings_init takes a pointer to a function, which
fetches the viewport dimensions.  That way, it can work for both graphic
and terminal user interfaces.


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