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Re: release goals (was: Re: regression and glm with big data)

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: release goals (was: Re: regression and glm with big data)
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:42:50 +0800
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On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 08:00:58AM -0700, Ben Pfaff wrote:
             - Finish the GUI work that we discussed earlier.  (John,
               is this a realistic time frame?)

Let's have another look at that list:

* Investigate numerous Gtk CRITICALs.
  I did this.  There are still a few which occasionally arise, but
  the volume is very much reduced.  I'm not intending to spend any
  more time on this unless anyone thinks it's necessary.

* cut/paste/copy

  Copy has been done (and Cut is therefore trivial).   I have a patch
  in progress which will implement pasting. 

* Bug refreshing variable sheet on file reload.

  I still need to look at this.

* Buglet with the notebook popup menu (this is a Gtk bug as far as I
  can tell)
  I think I'll just disable the popup menu; it doesn't do much anyway.

* Confidence indicators (ie a "case counter") to run whilst performing
  procedures on very large data sets.

  I've got a half baked patch which (sort of) does this.  I'm in two
  minds whether to delay this until after the release.

All the other things we discussed are either complete, or can be
postponed until after the release.  But some other items that I
thought of:

* Update the GUI's About dialog with some less alarming text.  Any

* The stuff in lib/gtksheet is still licensed LGPLv2 or later.
  Originally I envisaged that my changes might get contributed back
  into gtkextra (from whence gtksheet came), but this is looking
  increasingly unlikely now.  I briefly corresponded with the
  maintainer, and he was keen not to remove any existing functionality
  or break existing interfaces.  I've had to totally violate this
  guideline in order to do what we needed.

  So I can see no reason why we can't change all the files in this
  directory to GPLv3 or later.

* We need to audit the GUI for buttons, menuitems etc which currently
  do nothing, and either make them do something, or remove them.

  I'd appreciate some help with this.

So far as the above goes, I think it can be done by the end of August
or shortly thereafter.

Jason was keen to get some extra dialogs (for DESCRIPTIVES, EXAMINE
etc).  If we do this, then it'll take a few more weeks (at least if I
do all the work).


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