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[patch #6117] Implement clipboard for data sheet

From: Ben Pfaff
Subject: [patch #6117] Implement clipboard for data sheet
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 21:54:26 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, patch #6117 (project pspp):

>I wanted to use the case_map from get.c, so I've moved it from 
>get.c into its own file into src/data

Great, I've been planning to split up get.c anyhow.

case-map.c has a stray #include <stdio.h> at the very top--please move it
below #include <config.h>.

I like to maintain the convention that a module's exported symbols all start
with the module's name.  So, if you don't mind, could you rename the functions
that are prototyped in case-map.h to case_map_...?

Do you think that it is useful to export dump_case_map?

I think that case_map_insert should write -1 into the newly allocated map

>However I found it was more convenient to directly set the map 
>entries than use the {start,finish}_case_map functions. So I added 
>a function to allow that.

I wonder whether this is really a flaw in dict_clone.  Perhaps it should also
clone variable case indexes.  If it did, then you could just use

Actually I think there's a flaw in dict_clone even if we accept the current
definition: if we are potentially rearranging case_indexes, then there's no
need to copy next_value_idx from the old dictionary to the new one and by
doing so we potentially waste space.

>2. I had to remove an assertion from casereader.c, which I'm 
>pretty sure is wrong, because it overlooks the possibility of a 
>translator chaning the size of the case. 

I don't think I agree--shouldn't the case translator return a case of the
size that the reader expects to get?  Certainly bad things will happen if it
returns a case that is smaller than expected.

Maybe you can give an example.

>3. Whenever I've been working on pspp recently I seem to need a 
>debugging function to dump a dictionary's variables and indices 
>so I suggest we leave it in dictionary.c permanently. 


Can you remove the #include <config.h> from clipboard.h?  <config.h> should
get included by every .c file as its first non-comment line, so there should
be no need for it in .h files.


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