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From: John Darrington
Subject: Charts
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:20:25 +0800
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I've added the framework for implementing charts in PSPP.

At the moment, the chart just pops up in an X window, but by hacking
chart.c it could be made to use any output type.  Ben, feel free to
change the interface in chart.[ch] to make it fit in with what the
PSPP output stream expects.

Now for the bad news:
It seems that there is a bug in recent versions of libplot, such that
it produces faulty postscript, such that gv barfs.
Perhaps we can work  around this by hacking up some intermediate filter.

So far, histograms and piecharts are substantially complete.
I've done the bulk of the work for barcharts, box-and-whisker plots
and cartesian charts, but haven't integrated them yet.

Try the following to see it work:

data list free /bugs  qty.
weight by qty.
begin data.
0  34
1  23
2  12
3  3
end data.

variable labels bugs 'Number of Bugs' .

value labels /bugs 0 'memory leaks' 1 'seg faults' 2 'cockroaches' 3 'other'



begin data.
0 28
1 83
2 29
3 13
4 9
5 4
6 6
7 3
8 2
10 1
14 1
15 1
end data.

variable labels bugs 'Number of Bugs' .


        /histogram normal

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