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Request for proof read - COBOL manual

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: Request for proof read - COBOL manual
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 11:10:33 +0200
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Along to GnuCOBOL, a free COBOL compiler, we also create a free COBOL
manual which documents the actual feature-set of GnuCOBOL:
the GnuCOBOL Programmer's Guide.

We especially seek for people that aren't familiar with GnuCOBOL yet,
but users giving it an in-depth review are welcomed, too.

There are technical (texinfo) issues we are aware of (leading to broken
info output) but the PDF is "mostly fine" and was the primary focus in
the last years, so it is most reasonable to check this one. The main
content is around 700 pages A4 / 750 pages on us-letter, so please
respond to this mail allowing us to do possible coordination (we'll send
another note to the list in the case we have enough proof-readers).

You can access the sources at

The output in PDF format currently included under "PDFs" are up to date,
you may create those via `make pdf` and the html versions with `make html`.

Thank you for considering this!

Simon Sobisch
Maintainer GnuCOBOL

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