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[Projectaxis-cvs] projectaxis/projectAxis/src/visual pgtest3.cpp ...

From: Vovan
Subject: [Projectaxis-cvs] projectaxis/projectAxis/src/visual pgtest3.cpp ...
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 23:01:23 -0400

CVSROOT: /cvsroot/projectaxis
Module name: projectaxis
Changes by: Vovan Sim <address@hidden> 03/09/20 22:58:24

Modified files:
projectAxis/src/visual: pgtest3.cpp renderman.cpp renderman.h

Log message:
Modified the renderman so that it now considers the color depth on the
system and stores it in a member variable, which is exposed by an accessor.
The renderman constructor now takes a new parameter - color depth in bits,
and if it is zero (which is the default value), detects the native color
depth on the system. Otherwise, attempts to override the system settings
with the value passed in.


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