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[Plex86-devel] [ 101900 ] Doesn't compile on RH 8.0

From: nobody
Subject: [Plex86-devel] [ 101900 ] Doesn't compile on RH 8.0
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:45:48 -0500

Support Request #101900, was updated on Tue 03/04/03 at 07:54
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Category: Compile Error
Status: Open
Priority: 3
Summary: Doesn't compile on RH 8.0

By: olray-dragon
Date: Wed 03/05/03 at 13:45
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Sorry if I have created the impression that my system is
unstable. Of course I have created a tar with all libraries
BEFORE deleting the lot - the original files are already
back in place.

Anyway, I will try your suggestion and exchange gcc 3.2 with
gcc-2.96 (there is a slight chance a connection to the
Redhat ftp server becomes available today)

All rpm's which had the word "gcc" in them are already
removed and I will replace them with the 2.96 versions (hope
there are no additional problems) On a sidenote, GNU has
recently released gcc 3.2.1, it doesn't work does it? I like
"bleeding edge" software it feels all clean, new and nice :)

Thanks for your time and response.


By: RvnPhnx
Date: Wed 03/05/03 at 10:57
Logged In: YES 
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 Galeon/1.2.5 (X11; Linux i686; U;) Gecko/20020605

RedHat is legendary for its tendency to include bleeding
edge software in its linux distribution.  This often means
that they appear to have features first--often before they
are ready (not that people switching to RedHat from WinNT or
Win2K will notice, however......that's another rant for
another day).  I any case, you need to reinstall EVERYTHING
now, because you made the cardinal sin of deleting
/usr/include.  Please save yourself some headaches, and
don't do that again.  Just tell RPM to upgrade all of your
packages to more sane versions (check out the respective
websites to find out what these may be).  That will make
your system work properly again.  Then see to it that you
are not using a gcc more recent than 3.0 (the most recent
that seems to work--yes I know that it is buggy) if you want
to compile Plex86.  GCC 3.2 is known to be full of headaches.

As I think that I've told others before, when RedHat 8.1
becomes official, use that, please.  Since it won't have any
(substantial) additions to the package list it should be
more stable that 8.0.

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