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[Plex86-devel] Re: Any Documentation available?

From: Bob Diepenbrock
Subject: [Plex86-devel] Re: Any Documentation available?
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 11:45:13 -0500

Great.  I was just going to check things out onto a MSDOS partition on my Linux box and build from that for now.  That should be enough to start the scrub for win32.  For now I'm still working on getting this working on Linux, and I'm needing any documentation I can find..  We have quite a few compiler warnings to clean up in the release tree.
By the way...  The documentation in CVS all points to which is now non-existent.  We may need to either, 1. point all this to the savanna page, or 2. somebody come up with funds to put up the web site again..
Does anybody have the contents from the web site in a tar ball or something?  It might be a good idea to put all that into a section of the CVS tree for this project and perhaps find some "free" location to rebuild this important information.
-= bob =-

>>> Drew Northup <address@hidden> 10/10/02 10:41:20 AM >>>
I'll need to work on the CVS so that it will compile on the Win32
platform (a problem with directory names...)

>    1. Any Documentation available? (Bob Diepenbrock)
> I have access to all the Microsoft development tools so I was thinking abou=
> t trying my hand at the Win32 port, but I thought I'd better learn how this=
>  works on Linux first, then build it using GCC on the Win32 side, and perha=
> ps port it to the MS compiler as well.
> Can someone please point me towards some instructions about how to build an=
> d run this once I get the source tree out of CVS?
> Thanks!
> -=3D bob =3D-

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